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Samaroli Bottlings | AUCTION 26 October - 5 November

The late Silvano Samaroli is a legend in the world of the whisky.  A simple scroll through the names of the most highly-regarded whiskies of all time will reveal the ubiquity of Samaroli's name in this list.  He is associated closely not only with fantastic quality whiskies, but also his forward thinking and game-changing focus on cask-strength bottlings. A kindred spirit with his contemporaries at W.M. Cadenhead, he believed wholeheartedly in the bottling of cask strength whisky, and Silvano's first releases were a collaborative effort with Scotland's oldest independent bottler. These were released in 1979, and were closely followed by the acclaimed Flowers series in 1981. The Flowers series, bottled with ornate illustrative labels (hand-drawn by Samaroli himself), were a sensation and finally provided Samaroli with the platform and audience he knew his whisky deserved.

The Whisky Auctioneer Team absolutely loves the results of Samaroli's care and attention - the liquids, the labels and his forward thinking. 

You'll find the largest collection of Samaroli's bottlings here!

Port Ellen 1981 Casks of Distinction 37 Year Old #1297 | 26 October - 5 November

One of the oldest bottles of Port Ellen ever released, this is an incredible 37 year old expression and one of only 174 produced.  A rare offering that becomes rarer still when you consider the increasing scarcity of Port Ellen stocks since the distillery closed in 1983.

With the announcement of plans to reopen the legendary lost distillery there is hope that in years to come we will once again see outstanding whisky produced at Port Ellen. Until then it is safe to assume that this exceptional 37 Year Old is amongst the last of its kind.

Visit here to find out more about this fantastic bottle!

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