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We run a live whisky auction every month for 10 days, below is a list of our upcoming auction dates to add to your calendar.



2019 Dates 

December 20 - January 6 bottles need to be with us by 16 December

2020 Dates

January 24 - February 3 bottles need to be with us by 13 January

February 21 - March 2 bottles need to be with us by 10 February

March 27 - April 6 bottles need to be with us by 16 March

April 24 - May 4 bottles need to be with us by 13 April

May 22 - June 1 bottles need to be with us by 11 May

June 26 -  July 6 bottles need to be with us by 15 June


Interested in selling whisky? We are always accepting bottles for our next auction, visit our dedicated selling page to find out more about receiving a free valuation and our complimentary bottle collections.

Our Extended December Auction begins Friday 20th December. Deadline for submissions in Monday 16th.

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