• Pronunciation: Aber-FELL-dee
  • Founded: 1896 production starts in 1898
  • Region: Eastern Highlands
  • Status: Operational
  • Owner: Bacardi
  • Production Capacity: 3,500,000 litres a year

Aberfeldy was founded in 1896 with production starting 2 years later.  Built on the banks of the river Tay by John Dewar & Sons, Aberfeldy is now the home to Dewar’s World of Whisky.  Aberfeldy is recognised for providing malt for Dewar’s blends, primarily the White Label.  As with many distilleries the single malt produced at Aberfeldy has only recently become more recognisable.

Aberfeldy has a relatively peaceful history, as production only ceased during the war time periods.  Distillers Company Limited (DCL), which eventually merged with Guinness to become Diageo, took over Aberfeldy during 1925 and operated the distillery until Bacardi bought John Dewar and Sons from Diageo in 1998 at a cost of £1,150 Million.

There are many bottlings of Aberfeldy as single malt and some are proving increasingly successful in/at auction, primarily the bottlings prior to take over in 1998; a good example of this is the 19 years old Managers Dram bottling, available in 1991 only to employees.

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